Welcome to the digital home of Eclectic Vibrations Media. We are an optional-participation, profit sharing, co-operation. We can offer you the services of the skilled individuals in our autonomous network. EVMedia is a private network, but not a company or corporation, under the stewardship of Howard Crane. The name EVMedia is a name you can come to expect a level of friendly service and excellence from.

Under the header of Our Family you can find individuals and companies made up of our members. EVMedia itself may not (unless otherwise stated) be a parent company.

The objective of the co-operative is to enrich ourselves and our friends by operating in a network which will come to have a respected name by more and more individuals, vendors, and corporations. Each of us are paid individually for work and effort outputted. No profit is taken by the co-operative and all upkeep is paid by Howard Crane unless an individual in the co-operative chooses to donate.

If you have interest in joining or hiring us, see Our Family and Our Customers, and then drop by the Contact Page.